Corporate Wellness Program

The Holistic Corporate Wellness Program is a connection between optimal wellbeing & outstanding leadership that works on the Body-Mind-Business connection.

Its effects on the basic targets are as the following


  • Unleash the power of the mind-body connection in leadership
  • A personal wellness plan for peak performance


  • Shift obstacles into opportunities
  • Transform stress into success
  • Create a positive mindset


  • Align mindful productivity with the power of purpose
  • Tap into your goals, guts and grits to go the distance


The combination of WELLNESS in BODY + MIND + BUSINESS unleashes the power of LEADERSHIP to go the distance and soar across the finish line.


This program is composed of 3 Courses Levels

  • Introductory Courses
  • Advanced Courses
  • Long Term Program



Introductory Courses, are the first step into the world of wellness and performance improvement. These courses have been carefully crafted to allow any individual, regarding his current state, the ability to merge into journey that increases his wellbeing on multiple aspects.

The Introductory Courses include:

  • Wellbeing; Body-Mind-Business Balance

This 3 hours’ session is an overlook of all the things that contribute to the sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It is not just the food, but all of the other factors present in daily lives: Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and spiritual awareness that are essential forms of nourishment. Participants will be inspired in which area they should start their life change plan, and how to set their healthy goals to reach a vibrant balanced state , from eating the right foods for their body to living an inspired fulfilling life.

  • Emotional and Stress Management

In this 3 hours’ workshop participant will learn to be able to define various stress symptoms and the causes of stress and how emotional imbalance is affecting their skills and performance, they will learn practical use of techniques to manage stress and emotions and will have an action plan of how these can be used in their workplace. They will understand and communicate more sensitively with others and they will master the tools of Working under pressure with greater calmness and clarity of mind.

  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits at Work

This 3 hours’ workshop helps the individuals participating in our session learn more about implementing better nutrition and life choices, mindful way of eating and chewing, healthy food choices of easy home prepared meals and snacks to create a healthier life and more efficient day, by increasing healthy lifestyle, to create a better community for the company’s good.



Advanced Courses, as the name indicates, are more detailed courses that build up on the previous provided courses. Therefore Advanced Courses can only be provided, after following at least 2 of the Introductory Courses.

The Advanced Courses include:

  • Beat your Fatigue, Increase Productivity

This 3 hours’ workshop aims to equip the participants with practical use of techniques to beat their fatigue working on the cause of tiredness at work: to be more energized, to find their inner motivation, to manage stress and to have an action plan of how these can be used in their workplace to increase individual productivity and responsibility.

  • Emotional Alignment and Work Behavior Change

It’s a 3 hours’ workshop where participants follow an organized personalized detox plan for both physically and emotionally, that give participants the tools needed to detox their body-mind, recover from stress, build energy, promote healing, and to have better concentration and more clarity about purpose and creativity.

  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution

A series of 3 hours activities like group yoga, partner yoga, laughter session, group anger management session and vision board exercises. It is habits development techniques to promote sustainable teamwork wellness and healthy workplace dynamics to communicate more and be healthier and encourage problem solving, work under stress and leadership…


C – Long Term Program: (One Year Program and More  …)

Long Term Program, is a more intensive program that extends for a period of one year or more, depending on the need. This program contains a series of activities that solidify furthermore the good health of individuals along with booting further their productivity.

This program can only be provided after conducting the advanced programs.

This advanced program is conceived around the best wellness and productivity activities which include but not limited to the following:

  • Healthy effective leader’s lifestyle
  • Holistic health assessments
  • One on one coaching
  • Weight and disease management, smoking cessation, mothers to be at work…
  • Wellness programs: stress management, conflict resolution, rejoice your cells
  • Tracking evaluation
  • Work environment wellness study and solutions
  • Team work, productivity
  • Projects, events, monthly programs and meetings…
  • Provide outside trainings upon needs…

As the list of activities above is subject to be extended, further activities can be added to this program as it progresses in increasing the wellness awareness and productivity of everyone undertaking this program.

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