M-J R, Creating my new Me

When I met Maguy I was really struggling in my life. As I was barely recovering from an important health scare, my husband left me. My world collapsed and I had a really hard time managing my daily life during the first weeks afterwards. I could not comprehend, let alone assimilate, my new “imposed” reality. I was in denial, and deeply depressed.

My sessions with Maguy have helped me understand what happened in my life further, examine my own emotions, their changing nature, and accept them as part of the healing journey. They have helped me understand my husband better, and the tremendous impact his words, actions and feelings had on me. I have worked with her towards finding my inner power through positive affirmations, and I have been benefitting from the ideas of Abraham Hicks and the book Maguy facilitated to me. I have felt supported, understood, motivated and empowered from the moment I met Maguy, and her continuous monitoring and guidance have helped me realize that I can do this, that I have tremendous potential and at the same time I am only human. I now see that this happened for a reason, and it was the only way I could change at a deep personal level, that I was stuck in old rooted patterns of behavior, thought and feelings that were not allowing me to grow fully. Now I know the change is imminent and unavoidable, and I am accepting it.

The second part of our sessions was an emotional detox through body-mind awareness. It was all new to me and Maguy explained it in a very simply yet deep way. I understood that I was actually stuck in trying to ground myself, and when I started focusing on some of the tasks that she recommended that benefit my health and my mental state. I could see an improvement in my mood and more mental clarity. Maguy was patient and her intuition is very sharp. She could see my development at each point and predict how I was going to feel in the coming weeks.

At the practical level, Maguy put great efforts in helping me create my own action plan with the life mission and goals that are important for me. We dedicated a few sessions to reflect on how I wanted to change my life, and we used a circle of life with different life dimensions I wanted to work on. Some of them were health (and she was able to provide me with extremely useful advice on that), spirituality, connection with the family and friends, work, home, etc. As a result of this, we worked on a life board with ideas and pictures related to my life vision in the coming year. We establish together realistic goals and reflected on the activities needed to achieve those goals. I then created a schedule under her supervision, which gave our work the practicality it needed.

After the first three or four sessions my feelings were still shaky, flowing, changing…and so is life itself. After a few more meetings with Maguy I was able to look at myself from a kinder perspective. I still felt guilt and regret, and dealt with self-blame, but I had many moments in which I was soft on myself. Maguy focused on my strengths, positive perception of myself and the new me. I began to realize that I wanted to dedicate myself more to my kids and my bond with them, and that I wanted to be a creator of my own life. I recognized my passiveness in the last years through our work on the chakras, and the stagnation I was submerged in. I have been able to change my perception of myself as somebody small with many flaws, weak, too emotional and inferior. Everybody around me was amazed at my recovery but I could not see it until recently, once my work with Maguy finished. I thought being emotional was a sign of weaknesses and a weight for other people, but through the sessions I am proud to be exploring my own emotions, recognizing them and celebrating them, and I see how this process enriches my life and grounds me and connects me with others’ emotions.

I did not use to think things happen for a reason, but after these two months and a half of coaching, I can see that none of my life changes would have happened if I was not in such a struggle at first. Maguy accompanied me in a journey of re-birthing, where I found my power and strength again, and was able to manifest it. I am now able to see the patterns and cycles my life has had over the last 12 years, and I am on my way to create a new me who is more sensitive to the source of energy I am, confident, emotionally connected to others, creative, playful, curious, and able to fully experience the joy of living.

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