NGK – June 30, 2020

On a rare hot morning in February, I decided to join my close friend, Michella, on a sandy beach in Jbeil. At that point in my life, I was at my lowest moments. At the age of 37, I had already endured and overcome a lot, but with a smile on my face, I had never let myself sink so low. On that day, exactly a year and a half into married life, I had already lost 2 babies and was living a life of partial solitude with a husband whose constant absence was slowly tearing me apart. Still, the warrior inside me had not given up. I put myself on a mission to discover why I could not conceive a healthy child, not through modern medicine, but through a book a loving friend casually suggested I read: Spiritual Fertility.

It was on that day that I met Maguy, rushing down the beach to reach her kids on time, spotting Michella (her niece) and throwing a glance at my book. I call this: Divine Intervention. A few days later, I found myself pouring out my heart to a woman I had no ‘intention’ of meeting. And this is where the work on ‘intentions’ began. With Maguy, I embarked on a journey to my inner core, a place I had not ventured into before, despite having worked with healers in the past. My inner core was dark and weak, the darkness replenished by feelings of fear, anger, and loneliness. Day by day, Maguy helped me change my belief system. The woman who had, over the years, engrained in her mind the belief that she was on a mission to make others happy because she was not worthy of love decided to stand up and claim the love she deserved. Through an intensive 30-day plan, which would tailor my future morning and evening rituals, and through a gentle walk up the colorful path of chakras, I slowly felt positive changes happening in my life. Maguy also showed me that the Universe works to our advantage, if only we ask. With the enforced lockdown that started in March, I found myself living with my husband for the first time since we had met; naturally his loving presence helped me work myself up the ladder.

Today, 4 months after that beach encounter, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see the person I was born to be. I see a strong and powerful woman who knows what she wants. I see a woman who is still capable of making others happy, but who is also certain she is worthy of love. I see a woman who is sure that she can and will become a good mother. Today, I see a woman who is grounded in her positive belief system.

Thank you Maguy.

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